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U-Shaped Line and Maritime Delimitation

China and its Neighbors: Reassurance needed, unlikely over the Nine-Dash Line

South China Sea

Written by Huy Duong

Asia Sentinel

In recent years China’s claims in the South China Sea have provoked much regional tension with the Philippines and Vietnam, although while the Philippines and Vietnam also have conflicting claims between each other over most of the Spratly Islands, there has not been much tension between these two nations. Malaysia and Brunei, despite being also parties to the Spratlys dispute, have been keeping a low profile.

This tension, the expansiveness of China’s claims and the imbalance of power between China and the other claimants have resulted in these claims being the center of regional and worldwide concern. At the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Third Annual Conference on the South China Sea Disputes, 5-6 June, there were again calls for China to clarify its claims to the waters of the South China Sea.

China’s claim is clear – it claims sovereignty over all…

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