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International law and sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly archipelagoes (Part 6)

South China Sea

Part 6: China’s ungrounded arguments about sovereignty

 The third fact: Wu Sheng, the Vice-Admiral of Guangdong conducted sea patrols around the 49th – 51st years of the Qing Dynasty (i.e. from 1710-1712). Wu Sheng “set out himself from Qiongya, proceeding to Tonggu, Qizhouyang, and Sigengsha, making a three-thousand-mile tour of inspection. Qizhouyang is the present-day Xisha archipelago, which was then in charge of Guangdong naval units’ patrols.”

However, serious studies give us a quite different truth. All the names of localities mentioned in the above excerpt are located around Hainan Island, according to Vietnamese authors [1]:

–  Qiongya, i.e. “the Military region of Qiongya” (Hainan Island) under the Qing dynasty is located at Qiongshan, near present-day Haikou town, north of Hainan Island.
– Tonggu is located at the northeast peak of Hainan Island.
– Qizhouyang is a sea area with seven isles called as Quizhou, located in the east of…

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