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International law and the sovereignty over Paracel and Spratly archipelagoes (Part 3)

South China Sea

Part 3: What Chinese historical documents say?

First, China has made its sovereigty claims over these archipelagoes on the basis of the rights to discovery detection and management. China’s arguments include:

1. The Chinese were the first to discover and name the islands;
2. Chinese fishermen have exploited these islands for thousands of years. This proves to China’s sovereignty;
3. The inclusion of these islands into China was consolidated by archaeological finds;
4. China has implementated acts of administration there since a long time ago. We will review China’s arguments in two following sub-stages: the establishment of the initial title and the strengthening of such title.

“From the era of Emperor Wu of Han in the 2nd century B.C., the Chinese people began traveling across the South Sea. Through the long maritime realities, the Chinese people had discovered, the Xisha archipelago (Paracels) and then the Nansha archipelago (Spratlys) ” –…

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