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Joint Development

On cooperation in joint development in international law and realities (Chapter I )

South China Sea

 Nowadays, together with the scientific, technological and economic development, the possibility of exploiting the sea by human beings has become ever more expanding; human awareness of the importance of the sea for life, for the economic development and for security and defense of nations has become increasingly raised. That is why the common strategy of human kind in the present day seems being built on the basis of one of the most principal tendencies: the tendency to advance towards the sea and to act as the master of the sea.

However, together with the great benefits brought about by the sea, the enhancement of the jurisdiction of the coastal nations has made the contradictions and disputes on the sea ever more acute and complicated. The disputes arising in the process of delimitating the sea boundaries (particularly the delimitation of the continental shelves and the exclusive economic zones), the disputes concerning…

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