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Development and Settlement of Disputes, U-Shaped Line and Maritime Delimitation

Recent Trends in the South China Sea and U.S. Policy

South China Sea

Recent Trends in the South China Sea and U.S. Policy

Author: Gregory B. Poling

Tensions in the South China Sea have continued to build over the last year, with the Philippines submitting its evidence against Chinese claims to an arbitration tribunal, Beijing parking an oil rig in waters claimed by Vietnam, and Malaysia growing increasingly anxious about Chinese displays of sovereignty at the disputed James Shoal. These and other developments underscore just how critical managing tensions in the South China Sea are, for the region and for the United States.

With this in mind, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) hosted its fourth annual South China Sea conference on July 10–11, during which officials and experts from both sides of the Pacific offered analyses of the situation in the sea, likely motivations behind China’s increasingly assertive approach to the disputes, and possible ways forward in managing and even…

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