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The South China Sea Arbitration: the Republic of Philippines vs. the People's Republic of China

British Prime Minister Urges China to Respect Ruling

The Strait Times

May 26, 2016

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British Prime Minister David Cameron, who arrived in Japan yesterday for a Group of Seven summit, encouraged Beijing and others to abide by an impending ruling by an international tribunal on a territorial row between China and the Philippines.

Asked whether China must abide by the ruling, Mr Cameron told reporters: “We believe that it is in Britain’s interests, in all our interests, to have a world that is based on adhering to the institutions of that world and the rules of that world.

“That suits us, that is good for us and it is good for the world, so we want to encourage China to be part of that rules-based world.

“We encourage everyone to abide by these adjudications and Britain has always taken that view, and I am sure that will be something that we discuss.”

Tension between the Philippines and China has risen as the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague prepares to deliver its ruling in the next few weeks on a case lodged by Manila in 2013 that could undermine Beijing’s claims to 90 per cent of the South China Sea.

Beijing insists that the court does not have jurisdiction, arguing that any claims to the contrary are politically motivated, and has boycotted the proceedings.
But China is also a signatory to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
Read more at http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/cameron-urges-china-to-respect-ruling



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