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The South China Sea Arbitration

Remarks by Vietnam’s MOFA Spokesperson on Vietnam’s Reaction to the Final Award of the Arbitration Case Initiated by the Philippines against China by the Permanent Court of Arbitration

On 1st July 2016, in response to reporters’ question on Viet Nam’s reaction to the final award of the arbitration case initiated by the Philippines against China by the Permanent Court of Arbitration to be released on 12th July 2016, MOFA Spokesperson Le Hai Binh stated:

 “Viet Nam has been informed that the United Nations’ Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) will issue its final award on 12th July 2016.

 As a country with direct connection to the East Sea dispute and a member of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Viet Nam closely follows the case and hopes the PCA would make a just and objective award, laying foundations for peaceful settlement of the East Sea dispute.

Viet Nam reconfirms its consistent stance to advocate peaceful resolution of the East Sea dispute in accordance to international law. We also supports strict implementation of the 1982 UNCLOS./.”

Source: Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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