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Document: China’s Indisputable Sovereignty Over the Xisha and Nansha Islands

View the document on Document Cloud: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3009524-China-S-Indisputable-Sovereignty-Over-the-Xisha.html


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One thought on “Document: China’s Indisputable Sovereignty Over the Xisha and Nansha Islands


    Beijing (TP) China’s Foreign Ministry announced yesterday “The Arctic belongs to China.” Using a pointer and an illuminated fifteenth century “Nine-Dash Line Map,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi explained China’s latest territorial claim to reporters at the Ministry’s headquarters in Beijing: “Descendants of Zheng He, China’s famous admiral and explorer, recently discovered the map among the great man’s effects,” Wang said. “The discovery came as a great surprise to historians who thought Zheng led expeditions through the Indian Ocean to Africa. But, the Nine-Dash-Line Map proves Zheng also led his fleet on a voyage through the icy Northern Sea to the North Pole.

    Zheng’s fleet landed on the shore of the frozen Chuckchi Sea, here,” Wang said, pointing to an “X” on the border of a bluish smudge near the Arctic Circle. The admiral then led an expedition over the ice to the North Pole where he planted the Chinese flag, here.” Wang continued. “To leave no doubt about China’s claim, Zheng wrote the ancient character for ‘mine’ (矿) on the map beneath the Chinese flag, and ringed the Arctic with nine dashes,” Wang said, tracing a broken circle around the Arctic with his pointer. And to embellish his tale–er, map–Zheng drew icebergs and polar bears, here and here” Wang said, smiling and finishing his presentation with a flourish.

    Wang ignore a sea of waving hands as he left the stage. Global reaction to China’s Arctic claim has been decidedly chilly.


    Posted by Truthseeker | August 10, 2016, 1:34 pm

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