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Maritime Militia in the South China Sea, Reported Facts on the Ground and on the Waters

Japan Coast Guard Releases Video Showing Chinese Intrusions into Waters near Senkakus

Reported by Reiji Yoshida

The Japan Times News, 16 August 2016

In an apparent move to draw international attention to China flexing its maritime muscles in the East China Sea, the Japan Coast Guard has released a four-minute video showing numerous Chinese vessels from earlier this month advancing near the Senkaku Islands.

From Aug. 5 through Aug. 9, some 200 to 300 Chinese fishing boats accompanied by 28 Chinese government ships were spotted in areas just outside Japanese territorial waters around the Senkakus.

The Japan Coast Guard posted the video on its website Monday documenting some of the 28 breaches it claims were made by Chinese coast guard ships into Japan’s territorial waters, plus 72 by fishing boats.

The Senkakus are controlled by Japan but claimed by China, where they are known as Diaoyu, and Taiwan, where they are called Tiaoyutai.

Read more at http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/08/16/national/politics-diplomacy/japan-coast-guard-releases-video-showing-chinese-intrusions-waters-near-senkakus/

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