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The South China Sea Arbitration: the Republic of Philippines vs. the People's Republic of China

Roundtable: The Arbitral Tribunal’s Ruling on the South China Sea – Implications and Regional Responses

Authors: Clive Schofield, Lowell Bautista, Nong Hong, Anne Hsiu-an Hsiao, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Prashanth Parameswaran, Evan Laksmana

Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 38/3 (December 2016)


For this Roundtable, the Editors of Contemporary Southeast Asia asked seven leading experts on the South China Sea to consider the legal and geopolitical implications of the ruling six months after it was issued. In the first article, Clive Schofield provides a concise overview of the award and its legal significance. The following six contributions look at the responses to the award from the Philippines (Lowell Bautista), China (Nong Hong), Taiwan (Anne Hsiu-an Hsiao), Viet Nam (Nguyen Thi Lan Anh), Malaysia (Prashanth Parameswaran) and Indonesia (Evan Laksmana). Overall, regional responses to the ruling have been relatively low-key. China and Taiwan have both rejected the award. Beijing has not moved to bring its claims into line with UNCLOS, but, contrary to expectations, neither has it increased its assertive actions in the South China Sea. The Philippines, under President Rodrigo Duterte, has acknowledged but downplayed the ruling as part of a policy to repair strained relations with China. Meanwhile, the other Southeast Asian claimants are watching closely how Sino-Philippine relations develop and the attendant potential ramifications for the long-running and contentious dispute in the South China Sea.

Download the full publication at Roundtable: The Arbitral Tribunal’s Ruling on the South China Sea – Implications and Regional Responses [PDF]

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