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The South China Sea Arbitration: the Republic of Philippines vs. the People's Republic of China, The South China Sea Dialogues

Regional Security Outlook 2017

Editor: Ron Huisken

Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific


Page 4: The Outlook for Security in the Asia Pacific: Adverse Trends Gaining Momentum – Ron Huisken

Page 7: Challenges to U.S. Leadership – Abroad and at Home – Portend Greater Uncertainty for the Asia-Pacific – Bates Gill

Page 10: East Asia 2016: A Year of Destabilization – Yu Tienjun

Page 13: The Defense Force of Japan Awakens to Address the Contemporary Security Environment – Hideshi Tokuchi

Page 16: Russia in Asia and in the World: Back to the Future as a Great Power – Victor Sumsky

Page 19: India in the Asia Pacific: Strengthening Asian Multipolarity – Sanjay Pulipaka

Page 22: Security in the Asia Pacific: A South Korean Perspective – Jong Kun Choi

Page 25: Defence Outlook: Australia – Andrew Carr and Stephan Frühling

Page 28: DPRK’s Nuclear Deterrent: The Magic Bullet for Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia – Choe Un Ju

Page 31 DPRK Nuclear Developments and the ROK Response: Looking to 2017 – Cho Namhoon

Page 34: North Korea’s Nuclear Weapon Capabilities: The Emerging Escalation Ladder – Hideya Kurata

Page 37: Dealing with the DPRK: Exploring the Trump Administration’s Options – Ralph A. Cossa

Page 40: China’s “Island-Building” in the South China Sea: Implications for Regional Security – Robert Beckman

Page 43: The South China Sea Tribunal’s Award: New Prospects for Cooperation? – Nguyen Thi Lan Anh

Page 46: On Pivots and Puzzles in the South China Sea – Jay L Batongbacal

Page 48: Solving a Puzzle in the South China Sea – Fu-Kuo Liu

Page 51: The Future of Dispute Resolution and Management of the South China Sea: A Post Arbitration Analysis – Haryo Budi Nugroho

Download the Outlook at https://maritimearchives.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/cscap_outlook_2017_optimised_0.pdf

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