South China Sea Research is a non-profit, non-governmental online project run by volunteering efforts of a group of researchers to promote better understanding and study of South China Sea disputes. We are doing so by publishing or collecting articles from experts and various professional websites, focusing on facts, data, legal aspects and major development of the South China Sea disputes.

Editor-in-chief: Van Pham (Dr.)

Website: www.seasresearch.wordpress.com

(Previous website: www.southeastasiansea.wordpress.com. This website can no longer be active due to some technical issues)

Twitter: @SCS_news

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoutheastAsianSeaNews/

Some of our materials have been referenced by research reports or analyses such as:

Raul (Pete) Pedrozo, “China versus Vietnam: An Analysis of the Competing Claims in the South China Sea“, Occasional report of Center for Naval Analyses (2014).

Alexander L. Vuving, “China’s Grand-Strategy Challenge: Creating Its Own Islands in the South China Sea“, The National Interest (2014).

Thai Van Cau, “Quyền kế thừa của nhà nước và chủ quyền Hoàng Sa, Trường Sa“, Thanh Nien Online (2014).

William G. Pierce, Douglas G. Douds, and Michael A. Marra, “Countering Gray-Zone Wars: Understanding Coercive Gradualism“, The US Army War College Quarterly Parameters (2015).

Leticia Cordeiro Simões and Wellington Dantas de Amorim, “O DRAGÃO E A TARTARUGA: CHINA, ASEAN E AS DISPUTAS TERRITORIAIS NO MAR DO SUL DA CHINA“, 5º Encontro Nacional da ABRI Painel Temático: Instituições e Regimes Internacionais (2015).

Clive R. Symmons, “Rights and Juridiction over Resources and Obligations of Coastal States”, book chapter in the book “Power, Law, and Maritime Order in the South China Sea” (2015).

Nguyen Hong Thao, “Lấn biển tạo đảo ở Biển Đông và cạnh tranh Trung – Mỹ“, The World and Vietnam Report  (2015)

Gregory B. Poling, “South China Sea FONOP 2.0: A Step in the Right Direction“, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (2016).

Bill Hayton, “Freedom of Navigation Ops Risk Trouble in South China Sea“, Chatham House (2016).

David Tweed and Toluse Olorunnipa, “U.S. Touts ‘Batman’ Ship as Obama Courts Southeast Asian Leaders“, Bloomberg (2016).

 Ryan Mitchell, “Why Taiwan and China Agree on South China Sea Sovereignty“, The Diplomat (2016).

Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, “Đài Loan: Nước cờ cuối trong ván cờ giữa Trung Quốc và Philippines tại La Hay“,Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam’ s East Sea (South China Sea) Studies (2016).


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