Militarization and Construction in the South China Sea

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China’s Big Three in the Spratlys Near Completion

By AMTI Updated 29 June 2017 New imagery shows that while China is keeping attention focused on its negotiations with Southeast Asian countries over basic principles to manage the South China Sea disputes, its construction of military and dual-use facilities on the Spratly Islands continues. New missile shelters, radar/communications facilities, and other infrastructure are going … Continue reading

Viet Nam and the South China Sea’s Roiled Waters

Author: Carlyle A Thayer APPS Policy Forum, 30 January 2017 Shining a spotlight on Vietnam’s militarisation in the Spratlys — Vietnam’s military activities in the South China Sea, while not on the same scale as China’s, pre-date them considerably and are squarely aimed at maintaining a balance of power in the region, Carlyle A Thayer writes. On … Continue reading

Beijing’s Missile Deployments in the South China Sea Whither the Code of Conduct?

Author: Koh Swee Lean Collin APPS Policy Forum, 11 January 2017 Can a form of arms control succeed in stopping the increasing militarisation of the South China Sea, or is the proposed Code of Conduct doomed to fail, Koh Swee Lean Collin asks. Quoting US officials, Fox News on 23 December 2016 revealed that China had … Continue reading

Fiery Cross Reef: Latest Photos and Developments

Compiled by Rosa Tran et al. 18 November 2016 Fiery Cross Reef is known as “Yongshu Jiao” (永暑礁) in China, “Kagitingan Reef” in the Philippines and “Đá Chữ Thập” in Viet Nam. It is a coral reef located at 09° 33′ 00″ N, 112° 53′ 25″ E, to the north of Cuarteron Reef and along the … Continue reading

A Maritime or Continental Order for Southeast Asia and the South China Sea?

Address by Peter Dutton at Chatham House, London, U.K., 16 February 2016 Reprinted in Naval War College Review 69.3 (Summer 2016): 5-13 Since the sixteenth century, Southeast Asia has been open to maritime trade and political engagement, advanced and supported by naval and other military power. Although historical evidence demonstrates that international trade occurred prior to … Continue reading

China Steps Up Naval Presence Near Key Disputed Island

By Bill Gertz/The Washington Free Beacon 11 August 2016 China is building up maritime security forces around a key disputed island in the South China Sea that the Pentagon has warned China not to militarize. According to Pentagon officials, the number of Chinese maritime security vessels near Scarborough Shoal, in the Spratly Islands, has risen … Continue reading

Western Officials Say Vietnam Moves New Rocket Launchers into Disputed S.China Sea, Vietnam Denies

By Reuters 10 August 2016 Vietnam has discreetly fortified several of its islands in the disputed South China Sea with new mobile rocket launchers capable of striking China’s runways and military installations across the vital trade route, according to Western officials. Diplomats and military officers told Reuters that intelligence shows Hanoi has shipped the launchers … Continue reading

New Photos Cast Doubt on China’s Vow Not to Militarize Disputed Islands

By The New York Times, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative 8 August 2016 When President Xi Jinping of China visited President Obama at the White House last September, he startled many with reassuring words about his intentions for the Spratly Islands, a contested area where the Chinese government has been piling dredged sand and concrete atop reefs … Continue reading

China’s H-6K Bombers and Jet Fighters “Inspect” the South China Sea

6 August 2016 Chinese Air Force aircraft, including several H-6 bombers and Su-30, have inspected the airspace around the Nansha and Huangyan islands in the South China Sea, Senior Colonel Shen Jinke of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force said, according to Xinhua News Agency. The flight is part of actual combat training to … Continue reading

Imagery Shows Chinese HQ-9 Battery Being Removed from Woody Island

By Sean O’Connor, Indianapolis IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, 21 July 2016 Satellite imagery captured on 10 July shows an HQ-9 strategic surface-to-air missile (SAM) battery on Woody Island in the process of being taken off the island on board a Chinese naval vessel. The Airbus Defence and Space image revealed that the battery had been … Continue reading

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