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Draft ASEAN-China Codes of Conduct (2000): Text and Analysis

Source: Thayer Consultancy 26 April 2017 On 15th March 2000, senior officials from China and ASEAN met in Thailand to discuss for the first time their respective draft codes of conduct for the South China Sea. ASEAN tabled a seven point code, while China put forth a document containing twelve points. The following is the … Continue reading

Regional Security Outlook 2017

Editor: Ron Huisken Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific CONTENTS Page 4: The Outlook for Security in the Asia Pacific: Adverse Trends Gaining Momentum – Ron Huisken Page 7: Challenges to U.S. Leadership – Abroad and at Home – Portend Greater Uncertainty for the Asia-Pacific – Bates Gill Page 10: East Asia 2016: A … Continue reading

Legal and Geographical Implications of the South China Sea Arbitration

Author: Clive Schofield National Asian Security Studies Program Issue Brief, Issue 1, No. 5.1 (2016) The following are excerpts of the paper: Introduction On 12 July 2016 the Arbitral Tribunal in in the case between the Philippines and China delivered its Award, following its earlier 29 October 2015 Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility.[1] The Tribunal was constituted … Continue reading

Implications of the July 2016 Arbitral Tribunal Ruling

Author: Nguyen Dang Thang National Asian Security Studies Program Issue Brief, Issue 1, No. 5.2 (2016) The following is an excerpt of the paper: Introduction For a considerable time now efforts to manage disputes and promote cooperation in the South China Sea have been inhibited by the lack of an equitably defined geography of disputed and … Continue reading

CSIS Podcast: Justice Antonio Carpio on the South China Sea and Limits of Presidential Power in the Philippines

Justice Antonio Carpio of the Supreme Court of the Philippines sits down with AMTI director Gregory Poling to discuss constitutional requirements for any joint fisheries or oil and gas deal in the South China Sea,  as well as the limits of President Rodrigo Duterte’s power to change treaty commitments. The podcast was originally published at https://amti.csis.org/podcast-justice-antonio-carpio-south-china-sea-limits-presidential-power-philippines/ … Continue reading

Vietnam Wants ASEAN to Look Beyond Consensus in Decision Making

By Kyodo News 30 August 2016 Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang suggested Tuesday that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations adjust its long-held practice of applying the principle of consensus in the 10-member bloc’s decision making so as to be able to deal better with contentious regional issues. Quang, who made the remarks at a … Continue reading

Russia Supports China’s Stance on South China Sea

Sputnik International 05 September 2016 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow supports China’s stance on the South China Sea court dispute and opposes any third-party interference. HANGZHOU (Sputnik) – Russia supports China’s stance on the South China Sea court dispute and opposes any third-party interference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday. “Chairman Xi Jinping and … Continue reading

Philippines: No Guarantee China Will Honor Code of Conduct

Reported by Estrella Torres Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 August 2016 The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said China’s agreement to the general framework of the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea was not enough guarantee of Beijing’s commitment to peacefully settle disputes in the contested waters. China and ASEAN senior ministers agreed to … Continue reading

Consensus Reached at the International Workshop “Legal Status of Islands and Rocks in International Law and Practice in the South China Sea”

An international workshop on the ‘Legal Status of Islands and Rocks under International Law and Practice in the South China Sea” was held in the south-central Vietnamese city of Nha Trang from August 16 to 18. At the workshop, scholars from Vietnam and other nations issued a joint statement following discussion on recent developments in the … Continue reading

Beware the Illusion of China-ASEAN South China Sea Breakthroughs

Author: Prashanth Parameswaran The Diplomat, 17 August 2016 We need to be clear-eyed about both progress made and the challenges that remain. On Tuesday, Chinese media reported that China and ASEAN had made “several breakthroughs” on the South China Sea following another series of meetings on the issue held in Inner Mongolia. As promising as these … Continue reading

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