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The Myth of Chinese Sanctions over South China Sea Disputes

Author: Angela Poh The Washington Quarterly • 40:1 pp. 143–165 — Given significant international attention over the 2016 arbitral tribunal ruling, this article examines allegations of China’s economic aggression in its disputes with the Philippines and Vietnam over the South China Sea. The selection of these two cases is natural as China’s relations with the Philippines … Continue reading

The Offensive Realists Are Not Wrong: China’s Growth and Aggression, 1976–2001

Authors: Sung Chul Jung and Kihyun Lee Pacific Focus, Vol. XXXII, No. 1 (April 2017), 86–108 — Abstract: Is China’s rise a threat? Offensive realists see rising China as a main cause of global instability in the 21st century. Because all states seek security through power maximization, China will clash with the United States for regional … Continue reading

Work in Progress: Donald Trump’s Asia Team

Author: Ashley Townshend Alliance Brief, January 2017 President Donald Trump has hinted at a more muscular US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific. In tweets and speeches since the election, he has adopted a hard-line on China’s island-building in the South China Sea, vowed to prevent North Korea from acquiring a functional nuclear missile, condemned Beijing over … Continue reading

How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument

Authors: Gary King, Jennifer Pan, Margaret E. Roberts American Political Science Review, 14 January 2017 Abstract: The Chinese government has long been suspected of hiring as many as 2,000,000 people to surreptitiously insert huge numbers of pseudonymous and other deceptive writings into the stream of real social media posts, as if they were the genuine opinions … Continue reading

The PLA’s Latest Strategic Thinking on the Three Warfares

Author: Elsa Kania China Brief Volume: 16 Issue: 13 Beijing’s response to the unfavorable South China Sea arbitration outcome has highlighted an important aspect of its military strategy, the “three warfares” (三战). Consisting of public opinion warfare (舆论战), psychological warfare (心理战), and legal warfare (法律战), the three warfares have been critical components of China’s strategic approach … Continue reading

Panning for Gold: Assessing Chinese Maritime Strategy from Primary Sources

Author: Ryan D. Martinson Naval War College Review 69.3 (Summer 2016): 23-44 What are the drivers behind China’s vigorous pursuit of sea power? What are the interests Beijing seeks to advance by building a powerful bluewater navy and the world’s largest coast guard? What are the principles that guide its use of sea power in pursuit … Continue reading

Becoming a Great “Maritime Power”: A Chinese Dream

Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt, USN (retired) The Center for Naval Analyses, June 2016 Abstract In November 2012, then president Hu Jintao declared that China’s objective was to become a strong or great maritime power. This report, based on papers written by China experts for this CNA project, explores that decision and the implications it has … Continue reading

A General Review of the History of China’s Sea-Power Theory Development

Zhang Wei [张炜] Translated by Shazeda Ahmed Naval War College Review, Autumn 2015, Vol. 68, No. 4 The Naval War College’s China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) uses primary and secondary Chinese-language sources to produce original scholarly research that enables current and future leaders to understand better the complexities of contemporary China’s maritime rise. The below translation offers non–Chinese … Continue reading

Exclusion Zones in the Law of Armed Conflict at Sea: Evolution in Law and Practice

Exclusion Zones in the Law of Armed Conflict at Sea: Evolution in Law and Practice Sandesh Sivakumaran 92 International Law Studies 153 (2016) Stockton Center for the Study of International Law INTRODUCTION Maritime exclusion zones have been described as “one of the most controversial issues in the law of armed conflict at sea” and as an … Continue reading

The ‘Case’ of USNS Impeccable Versus 5 Chinese Ships: A Close Examination of the Facts, the Evidence, and the Law

The ‘Case’ of USNS Impeccable Versus 5 Chinese Ships: A Close Examination of the Facts, the Evidence, and the Law Jonathan G. Odom in Governing Ocean Resources: New Challenges and Emerging Regimes (Jon Van Dyke, et al., eds.)(2013), at 307-341. Abstract: Many in the international law and foreign affairs communities are aware that an incident … Continue reading

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