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ADIZ Update: Enforcement in the East China Sea, Prospects for the South China Sea, and Implications for the United States

Research Report by Michael Pilger U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission  On November 23, 2013, China established an air defense identification zone (ADIZ)* in the East China Sea (see Figure 1). China’s ADIZ encompasses the Senkaku Islands, which Japan administers but over which both countries claim sovereignty. On the day of the announcement, U.S. Secretary … Continue reading

Sat images show Beijing is deploying more air defense systems to the disputed Woody Island

A Glimpse Into China’s Military Presence in the South China Sea Stratfor Analysis Widely published satellite imagery from Feb. 14 shows the presence of new Chinese air defense systems on Woody Island in the South China Sea, highlighting continuing maritime frictions in the area. But new imagery obtained by Stratfor provides a higher-resolution view of the … Continue reading

Australian air force patrols over South China Sea now being routinely challenged by Beijing

By David Wroe – The Sydney Morning Herald Australian air force patrols flying over the South China Sea are now being routinely challenged by the Chinese military in a sign of the growing stranglehold Beijing has over the strategically vital waters. The Chief of the Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies, said on Wednesday that … Continue reading

With Air Defense Zone, China is Waging Lawfare

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With Air Defense Zone, China is Waging Lawfare Zachary Keck The Diplomat In essence, the East China Sea ADIZ is part of China’s “lawfare” strategy toward its maritime disputes. “Lawfare,” as used in the context of international warfare, is often attributed to retired Air Force General Charles Dunlap, who…

Caelum Liberam: Air Defense Identification Zones Outside Sovereign Airspace

Originally posted on South China Sea:
Caelum Liberam: Air Defense Identification Zones Outside Sovereign Airspace Peter A. Duntton* American Journal of International Law (2009) With the heightened concerns of states about threats from the air since September11,2001,and the recent resurgence of major military powers, Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZs), zones in which civil aircraft must…

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