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South China Sea Strategies: Determining China’s Next Move in the Region

Author: Alexander L. Vuving Indo-Asia-Pacific Defense Forum, Volume 41, Issue 3, 2016: 26-31 Since 2014, the Spratly Islands have remained a large and unique construction site. Workers aboard dozens of Chinese vessels have been cutting coral and dredging sand to turn previously submerged reefs into artificial islands. In less than a year, they created more than … Continue reading

U.S. President-Elect Trump on China, Taiwan and the South China Sea

The following is an excerpt from the interview with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump conducted by Fox News on Sunday, 11 December 2016. In this excerpt, Trump defended his phone call with Taiwan’s president and discussed his stance on China’s behaviour. CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: You recently took a call from the President of Taiwan. And on … Continue reading

Island Building in the South China Sea: Detection of Turbidity Plumes and Artificial Islands Using Landsat and MODIS Data

Authors: Brian B. Barnes & Chuanmin Hu Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 33194 (2016) doi:10.1038/srep33194 Abstract The South China Sea is currently in a state of intense geopolitical conflict, with six countries claiming sovereignty over some or all of the area. Recently, several countries have carried out island building projects in the Spratly Islands, converting portions of coral … Continue reading

A Maritime or Continental Order for Southeast Asia and the South China Sea?

Address by Peter Dutton at Chatham House, London, U.K., 16 February 2016 Reprinted in Naval War College Review 69.3 (Summer 2016): 5-13 Since the sixteenth century, Southeast Asia has been open to maritime trade and political engagement, advanced and supported by naval and other military power. Although historical evidence demonstrates that international trade occurred prior to … Continue reading

Assessment of the Potential Environmental Consequences of Construction Activities on Seven Reefs in the Spratly Islands

Expert report of Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian C.A. Ferse, Professor Peter Mumby, PhD and Dr. Selina Ward, PhD For the South China Sea arbitration, April 2016 Executive summary This report reviews the scientific literature, other publicly available documents and information provided by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) with regard to large-scale Chinese construction activities … Continue reading

The Destruction Beneath the Waves of the South China Sea

Author: Michael Fabinyi APPS Policy Forum, 30 July 2016 Urgent action must be taken to prevent further damage to the South China Sea’s valuable marine environment, Michael Fabinyi writes. While the geopolitical effects of the South China Sea dispute have dominated much recent commentary, the impacts on the marine environment are also substantial. The dispute has … Continue reading

China’s Telecoms Extend 4G Service to the Spratly Islands

20 July 2016 China’s top mobile telecom carriers have launched 4G service on the Spratly Islands, in an effort “to safeguard the country’s legal claim in the South China Sea and to improve communication services for local people,” according to a China Daily report. The report said China Telecommunications Corp, the country’s third-largest telecom carrier … Continue reading

China Conducts Combat Air Patrol in the South China Sea

18 July 2016 The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force of China has conducted a combat air patrol in the South China Sea recently, Xinhua reported on Monday citing Shen Jinke, spokesman for China’s PLA Air Force. The patrol consists of H-6K bombers and other aircraft including fighters, scouts and tankers to patrol islands and … Continue reading

Increased Chinese Activities Seen in the Spratly Waters: Vietnamese Fishermen

Vietnamese fishermen said the number of Chinese vessels off Spratly Islands has increased significantly since late 2013, according to a report by Vietnam’s state media Thanh Nien. Tran Quang Pho, the 43-year-old captain of a fishing boat in Binh Thuan told Thanh Nien that the number of Chinese vessels, especially armored fishing boats, increased dramatically … Continue reading

Testing the Waters: Charting The Evolution of Claims to and From Low-Tide Elevations and Artificial Islands under the Law of the Sea

By Clive Schofield and Richard Schofield Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy 1 (2016) 37-67 Abstract Low-tide elevations [LTEs] and artificial islands have received less attention than islands ‘proper’. The article examines the evolution of the law of the sea applicable to such features, providing a contextual background for controversial contemporary state practice relating to their … Continue reading

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