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Rebalancing: Vietnam’s South China Sea Challenges and Responses

Author: Tran Truong Thuy National Asian Security Studies Program Issue Brief No. 2.3 December 2016 The following are excerpts of the paper: Introduction The South China Sea persists as the leading security and development challenge for Vietnam. In Hanoi’s view, the situation in the South China Sea affects almost all aspects of national security and … Continue reading

Regional Security Outlook 2017

Editor: Ron Huisken Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific CONTENTS Page 4: The Outlook for Security in the Asia Pacific: Adverse Trends Gaining Momentum – Ron Huisken Page 7: Challenges to U.S. Leadership – Abroad and at Home – Portend Greater Uncertainty for the Asia-Pacific – Bates Gill Page 10: East Asia 2016: A … Continue reading

The South China Sea Newsletter: Volume 23 (December 2016)

ACTS OF CLAIMANTS 22 December 2016: China begins daily civil charter flights to South China Sea outpost China has begun daily civilian charter flights to Woody Island in the disputed South China Sea after approved the airport there for civil operations. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-southchinasea-china-idUSKBN14B0UJ 21 December 2016: ‘Joint exploration in South China Sea not government policy’ Presidential … Continue reading

The South China Sea Newsletter: Volume 22 (November 2016)

Compiled by Hao Duy Phan 01 December 2016 ACTS OF CLAIMANTS 30 November 2016: Vietnam condemns Taiwan’s military drills in flashpoint waters Taiwan’s actions are a serious violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty, threatening peace, stability, security and maritime safety while causing tensions and complicating the situation in the East Sea, the Vietnamese foreign ministry said in … Continue reading

U.S. Secretary of State Nominee Tillerson on LOS Convention in 2012

By: Ocean Law News Rule of Law Committee for the Oceans 14 December 2016 With President-Elect Trump’s stated intent to nominate ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson to be his Secretary of State, this 2012 letter from Tillerson to Senators Kerry and Lugar is of particular interest to advocates for the Law of the Sea Convention. … Continue reading

Roundtable: The Arbitral Tribunal’s Ruling on the South China Sea – Implications and Regional Responses

Authors: Clive Schofield, Lowell Bautista, Nong Hong, Anne Hsiu-an Hsiao, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Prashanth Parameswaran, Evan Laksmana Contemporary Southeast Asia Vol. 38/3 (December 2016)   For this Roundtable, the Editors of Contemporary Southeast Asia asked seven leading experts on the South China Sea to consider the legal and geopolitical implications of the ruling six months … Continue reading

Remarks of China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on US President-Elect Trump’s Tweets and Phone Call with Taiwan Leader

The following are the remarks by China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang at a regular press conference on 5 December 2016, regarding US President-elect Trump’s phone call with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen as well as his messages on Twitter criticising China’s currency policies and military presence in the South China Sea. Did China ask us if it … Continue reading

Chinese Think Tank Recommends Air Defense Identification Zone to Counter U.S. Naval Patrols in the South China Sea

By Bloomberg News 25 November 2016 American military vessels and aircraft carried out more than 700 patrols in the South China Sea region during 2015, making China the U.S.’s No. 1 surveillance target, according to a report by China’s only state-backed institution dedicated to research of the waters. The patrols pose a threat to China’s sovereignty and … Continue reading

China’s Air Defence Identification Zone: Building Security through Lawfare

Authors: Matthias Vanhullebusch and Wei Shen The China Review, Vol. 16, No. 1 (February 2016), 121–150 Abstract: China’s establishment of its Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) is yet another manifestation on the strenuous development of regional security in East Asia. China by virtue of its so-called lawfare has instrumentalized international air law, the law of the sea, and law … Continue reading

CSIS Podcast: Justice Antonio Carpio on the South China Sea and Limits of Presidential Power in the Philippines

Justice Antonio Carpio of the Supreme Court of the Philippines sits down with AMTI director Gregory Poling to discuss constitutional requirements for any joint fisheries or oil and gas deal in the South China Sea,  as well as the limits of President Rodrigo Duterte’s power to change treaty commitments. The podcast was originally published at https://amti.csis.org/podcast-justice-antonio-carpio-south-china-sea-limits-presidential-power-philippines/ … Continue reading

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